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It’s not rejection, it’s God’s protection for the wrong direction…

Into the night she rannot knowing how she got thereor when it all began Faster her legs took herfar from it allit’s all such a blur Stopping to catch a breathsmiling to herselfsaved from her own death Feeling so alone nowshe knows the faithful Oneshe hits her knees to bow You rescue me time and … Continue reading “It’s not rejection, it’s God’s protection for the wrong direction…”


In the dark corners of my minda twisted thought evokesbut not your typical kind Etched upon my brainrolling around as I lash aboutrunning to escape the pain Such a fucked up systemhe sits up there feeling superiorboastfully believing in his own wisdom I stare over to you sickened by your framewhile the hustle and bustle … Continue reading “Checkmate”

Stronger for it

You set the pace in this rugged little rat raceI turned for a moment stuck in the tormentThis seductive game I couldn’t be containedShrewd yet so weak pretending I was meekCalling your bluff in your ridiculous cuffsRolling my eye no more tears left to cryPathetic to any shunned by manyDigging your way down buried undergroundI … Continue reading “Stronger for it”

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