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Inner turmoil

Trembling through the fireYou taunted me todayI saw it in your eyesThat merciless desire Out of the oblivion you appearedTwisting along the country roadAlone with my thoughtsA familiar hand waving as I leered Suspicious of your calculated gazeMy throat caught a gaspNothing made senseAgain leaving me in a daze This shell has turned into dustWhat … Continue reading “Inner turmoil”

I am

I don’t care to elaborate, but I digressThe leaders You chose to disciple are a hot mess From the Foursquare all the way to CalvaryThey stand before shouting the night away I hear them spew the Word hums of Your teachingStand pridefully up there practicing and preaching One ominous Sunday I heard the man expressHis … Continue reading “I am”

Life is in session

What the fuckI flip and I flopLike the hands on clockForward they moveStop in a groove You have my attentionBut waitMy obsessionDistracted by thisTortured by that Get up another dayTo tackle what’s newFace the oldEmbrace what’s askew Fuck my lifeIn this single momentLove what inspires meLet go of the torment Hold on to what’s rightTattered … Continue reading “Life is in session”

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